Megan and Jacob's Tower of Terror Proposal

How we met: Jacob and I met racing dirtbikes. Our first ‘date’ was at a race in the desert. I hurt my back before the race even began, but he (hardy knowing me at all) took care of me all weekend long- making sure I was okay and comfortable. Fed me and all! He officially became the sweetest man I ever knew, and on our first ‘date’ I knew he would be the man I would marry!

Tower of Terror Proposal Tower of Terror Proposal Tower of Terror Proposal

how they asked: A normal day at Disney was on the agenda, and our day was starting off pretty sweet! Katie and Robby got cool ‘family experience’ tickets for Tower of Terror because “Toy Story broke down”. A cast member gave us our own tour, and led us to our own empty tower elevator. The plan was to cover our eyes for the photo (now that I think about it, I was pretty oblivious) We all got to sign a book that has been in the Tower since its inception, and then it was go time.

Natalie screamed her head off and I was cracking up. We went to view photos, and I saw Steve and Cheryl. WTF? I said. I saw our picture, and Jacob was holding a box, and I was the only one with my face covered. The last time we rode Tower of Terror, my princess pose (that the group was going to do) consisted of jokingly pointing to my ring finger.

I turned around, Jacob was on one knee and Katie & Robby were holding signs ‘Marry me Meg”. I hugged Jacob before he could say anything, and realized I should probably give him the chance to say something. Jacob memorized the cutest speech and the rest is history!