Tova and David

How We Met: We actually went to high school together, but were in completely different social circles (him, the jock and me, the nerd) so though we knew OF each other, we were never friends. We bumped into each other at a bar 7 years after high school and dated a few times (unsuccessfully) over 5 years… timing was always wrong, but third time’s a charm! This time around, we had our first date on Christmas Day in 2013 and haven’t been apart since.

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how they asked: The day actually started out terrible. I woke up feeling nauseous, with a throbbing headache. We were supposed to go down to the beautiful seaside resort of Terranea to meet a couple friends for lunch, but that day at the end of May was particularly gray and overcast.

I had packed clothes for a sunny Los Angeles day, so when my long strappy sundress was providing inadequate warmth, I scrounged the only sweater I could find in my limited closet at David’s apartment. David excitedly gets me out of bed and on the road, and I’m groggy and queasy as I try to keep my breakfast down on the hour-long drive on the winding roads to Terranea in Palos Verdes, CA.

When we get there, I’m still feeling sick so we sit for a bit in the lobby, and David gets me some water. He also suggests that walking out toward the beach and getting some fresh air might do me some good, so I acquiesce.

We stroll down the pretty paved paths of the resort that lead to the beach, and David points out a remote section of the sand that leads to some massive rocks that jut out into the ocean, and suggests we go there. On top of not feeling well, being improperly dressed (who climbs rocks in a silk DVF dress and flip flops?), I also simply didn’t WANT to climb the rocks. No matter HOW pretty the view is from up there. No way.

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After what seemed like an inordinate amount of pleading, and after an offer to physically carry me up the rocks, I comply with his request to climb the boulders – not without every complaint and excuse I could think of. I tie my dress in a knot at the bottom to keep it clean, I hand him my purse and heels, and make my way to the peak.

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At the top of the rocks, I’m now feeling annoyed on top of ill. Why did he make me climb these stupid rocks?? David sits down and offers his lap for me to perch on (no way was I going to sit on those dirty rocks in my pretty dress) and hands me water while he rubs my back to calm my nerves and angry tummy. (I still have NO hint of a suspicion at this point)

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This is where things get suspicious. On top of all the nice things he’s saying to me, he asks me to stand and take of my sunglasses. This was the only thing that tipped me off to a possible proposal – but even then, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. All of a sudden, after saying every amazing word he could think of (I blacked out – no idea exactly what was said) he reaches into his pocket and gets down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, made with my grandmother’s diamond. I think I muttered something along the lines of “YES” (along with a swear word or two) and it doesn’t end there…

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As the icing on the cake, he surprised me with bringing his and my entire family to the resort for lunch – then our friends showed up with overnight bags for us and we spend our first night as an engaged couple at the resort!

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He truly surprised me that day, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

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Photos by: Kelli Bee Photography