Tosin and Charles

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How We Met

Charles and I had seen each other at events, but we never really said much to each other aside from the polite hi and bye. One day, one of our mutual friends asked us both to be part of a YouTube video she was recording. Thankfully we both agreed, and we showed up at her house ready to film the video. We began recording, and at this point, I don’t think we paid much attention to each other. We concluded the recording, and we all took photos together to remember the day. He asked for my number because he wanted to “send the pictures to me” (yeah right)! We began texting and talking to each other every day from then on! So began our beautiful love story.

How They Asked

He had contacted my friends and family months before the actual proposal. He had warned all of them to make sure they gave absolutely nothing away. He knew I loved to investigate & find things out, so he emphasized the fact that my friends & family were to give nothing away—and I must say, they did an amazing job! They all lied to me and led me to believe there wasn’t a proposal on the horizon! He was able to get me glammed up without raising my suspicions because he had told me we were going to be featured in a documentary about the “diversity of love.”

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He sent a fake email elaborating on this documentary, and the fact that I’d be getting a complimentary makeup session. I completely believed this story & I was excited to share our love with the world. Little did I know it was all a ruse.

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I showed up the evening of the documentary shoot to be met with our closest family and friends each handing me roses leading up to my fiancée playing my favorite song on the saxophone! It was such a beautiful night.

Our Video

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