Toshiba and Vincent Williams

Toshiba's Proposal in National harbor

How We Met

We met on Facebook. I was going through a rough time in my life and I assume that my pics caught his eye because he liked every pic I posted and then had the courage to send me a message in my inbox shortly after we decided to talk over the phone and within 4 months decided to meet face to face we both have a love for wrestling and decided to go to Wrestlemania and from there the rest is history we have been together ever since.

How They Asked

February 14-2019, it was the night of our 3 year anniversary. I didn’t see it coming esp after the long day I had.

It started off with me having a bad wardrobe malfunction, then to top it all off my makeup appointment was canceled so we get the restaurant and the food wasn’t what I expected it to be so of course that made it worse. But by the end of the night, we decided to walk over to the Gaylord to sit by the water and to our surprise, Comic-Con Was in town.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in National harbor

Engagement Proposal Ideas in National harbor

At this point, we are looking completely out of place because we are dressed up and everyone else was in costumes. A while after admiring everyone’s costumes Vincent decided that he wanted to take a few pics so we asked a random stranger if she wouldn’t mind while I’m getting ready to smile and take a pic Vincent drops to his knee and pulled out a box with a ring and asked me to be his forever. Of course, I said yesssssssss !!!

Special Thanks

Geneva Washington
 | Engagement photo shoot