Toria and Chris

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How We Met

Chris & I met our freshman year at the University of Cincinnati. He was on the football team, I was on the dance team so we had mutual friends in athletics. But it was not until our junior year that we were reintroduced after a football game that we really got to know each other. Chris being the quiet guy, I had to make the first move and sparked conversation. After a few weeks of hanging out, I invited him to my team’s annual Dance Team Date Night where he made it “official”. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Post-college Chris was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens, I knew his rookie season was going to be super stressful so we both agreed that an engagement/wedding would need to happen sometime after. The last game of the season was January 1st, in my mind we would be engaged around March back home in Cincinnati then get married the next offseason. But Chris took me by surprise.. out of nowhere just a week after the first game he tells me we are going out to dinner. He planned the night out to a tee! Chris picked out my dress, got me a new pair of shoes I have been eyeing for ages and took me to the nicest restaurant in town. I thought okay this is it he might do it here. Next thing I know he pays the check and I think to myself okay I’m over thinking things he’s not proposing yet.

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We get in the car and me being the control freak that I am started telling Chris he missed the turn to go home. He just kept telling me to relax which made me even crazier. We pull up to the four seasons..then I really lose it “are we staying here?” “I have no clothes”… at this point, he’s smiling but straight up ignoring me! No response at all. He hands me a brand new Michael Kors bag with everything I need to stay the night there. I kick off my shoes, excited to change because I kind of hate being in nice clothes for too long. I’m more of leggings and t-shirt kind of girl. He tells me to put my shoes back on…… I ask why and he says just do it.

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So I am actually pissed at this point not even thinking about a proposal I am thinking he is just messing with me because he does like to do that from time to time. He knows I am a planner so surprises don’t really sit well with me. I like to know what is going on at all times. We get on the elevator up to the spa where a woman quickly took me away to the women’s changing room. I look up to see a robe with the initials VDM… my heart sank!! M??? That’s Chris’ last initial not mine. Chris had rented out the entire spa for the proposal, I walk out to rose petals everywhere and the most beautiful view of the city. He grabbed my hand and I completely blacked out! I even said yes as he opened the ring box, before he even asked! Once the shock passed we got a couples massage, had my favorite red velvet cake and enjoyed the night just the two of us. Exactly how I wanted it, once we got back to Cincinnati for the offseason He and my best friends threw me surprise engagement party to celebrate with our loved ones. Now we are just a few months away from our wedding day and I still get butterflies thinking about that night. It was absolutely perfect!

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