Toria and Ben | Mountain-Top Proposal

Our Story (as told by Toria): Ben and I met through our beautiful mutual friend Ashley. It all began on one fateful day in early 2008 when Ashley and I were hanging out at Ashley’s college dorm and desperately needed a ride to satiate our frenzied (drunken) craving for some french fries. Fortunately, Ben was online and after some convincing, he agreed to whisk us away to cure our fryless-induced mania. What a gentleman! Henceforth, over the next few months, Ben and I saw each other at a plethora of social events and dance clubs and slowly began to converse more often via the Internet. This led to rendezvousing one-on-one, consuming a superfluous amount of snacks and watching every season of Dexter, just as friendly companions of course, until –he kissed me. Thusly we began our courtship and have remained seemingly inseparable ever since.

How he proposed: After more than three blissful years of dating, I accepted a job offer in late October, 2011. Since I had some very much needed time off between my demanding old job and my exciting new job, Ben thought it would be a great time to take an overnight camping trip with our BFFs Lauren and Aubrey Hatch. I packed up for the trip while Ben stayed at work a bit late to finish up in order to have the next day off –or so I thought. In actuality, Ben had already left work and went to pick up the ring from the jeweler and ask for my parents’ blessing, which was gladly given. The four of us left and camped that night on Black Balsam Knob in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

The next morning, we hiked up to the very top of the mountain, where Ben claimed to see a bunny. While I was busy trying to catch a glimpse of the bunny, Ben told me to turn around, where I saw him kneeling as he asked me to marry him. Lauren was snapping photos of the moment, as Ben had conspired with her all along. So, even though Ben had just lied about seeing a bunny, I, of course, said yes!

From the photographer: I am fortunate enough to have the honor of being Toria’s best friend (and bridesmaid!) and of being able to photograph her and Ben’s proposal and engagement! I loved conspiring with Ben for several sneaky days before he proposed, and with Toria as we planned their engagement session! My heart is so full and happy for these two… in our 13 years of friendship, I’ve never seen her happier or more beautiful than she is with Ben. My husband and I are so excited to stand by these two on their wedding day in November!

Photos by Lauren Rae Photography based out of Atlanta!