Tori and Zach


Image 1 of Tori and ZachHow we met: I met Zach when I was working on his family farm in Oregon. We were both too shy to really approach one another, but we had both told a fellow co-worker we thought the other was cute! This co-worker of ours was so insistent that Zach talk to me, but he was too nervous so nothing really came about. However, about 3 or 4 months later, Zach finally got the courage to call me. We went out to a movie, and have been seeing each other ever since. We started playing soccer together on the weekends (although I was just there to see him), and we became fast friends. About 4 months later we started dating, and the rest is history.

how they asked: It happened after a long day of work. It was my turn to drive out to the farm, but of course I was being difficult and wanted to stay home to just chill but Zach was insistent that I come. So I got dressed and headed out the door. When I got to the farm, Zach and I walked around the farm which is totally normal since it was so nice out plus I had just gotten Sullivan and we loved watching him romp. As we walked out to the campfire (our usual destination) I kept stopping along the way. There was even one point I laid in the grass by the church and suggested we just stay there the rest of the night. However, Zach was marching on and so I felt obligated to follow. To add to my oblivion I was taking pictures and videos of my new puppy ignoring Zach completely (poor guy).

Image 2 of Tori and Zach

As we approached the fire pit I realized something was different. Zach kept telling me that Jeremy really wanted to move the campsite across the road because the view was better and he wanted my opinion. When I got there I realized it was super weird that Jer would put a platform and perfectly placed firewood all around just to get a “feel” for the new camp spot. He would have just done it. It was at that moment that Zach stepped up on the platform and asked me to join. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Image 3 of Tori and Zach

It was a moment that took my breath away. I was so perfectly happy and excited. As I took everything in, I realized how perfect our “spot” is on the farm and it is now a permanent fixture in both of our memories.

Image 4 of Tori and Zach

We were blessed enough to have Jeremy and Jacob hiding in the bushes to capture the whole thing as it unfolded, and after spending a few moments together we proceeded to call everyone we knew. So much love and affirmation filled our hearts, and we can not wait to be man and wife.

Photos by Jeremy Roloff Photography