Tori and Tyler

Tori and Tyler's Engagement in Texas Renaissance Fair

How We Met

Tyler and I met during a Community Theater production of the musical Hands on a Hardbody (which is about a truck people)! It was his first musical and he was a little out of his comfort zone, and my attempts at flirting by making fun of him did not help! Somehow he got past that, and we were able to form a friendship that consisted of theater and a lot of flirting! I finally got him to make a move and that was that! Theater is something that unexpectedly brought us together, but we enjoy doing together so much! We just finished our 5th production together!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Texas Renaissance Fair

Tori's Proposal in Texas Renaissance Fair

How They Asked

Every year Tyler’s family goes to the Texas Renaissance Fair and dress up and go all out! I had never been until we started dating and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it! It’s incredibly hard to describe unless you’ve been, but i felt like a medieval princess all day!

Proposal Ideas Texas Renaissance Fair

I had been thinking he was possibly going to propose soon, but he had been super weird about making sure I took off work for a later date in the month (sneaky)! I totally bought it, to the point that I told him on the way there that I knew he was proposing on the 25th and that he was terrible at surprises! How wrong I was! I was walking along the jousting arena talking with his dad, when he suddenly just called my name. When I turned around he just dropped to his knee! I just kept saying “Is this real?? Are you messing with me?” He and his family assured me that it was, in fact, real! I was in absolute shock!

When I finally calmed down he told me that my parents were there waiting for us! They had driven 4 hours to surprise me! We all celebrated and enjoyed our time together all day at the festival!

I am so incredibly blessed and I cannot wait to be this man’s wife!!!