Tori and Trey

When I got homemy best friends were there to help me get ready because I was supposed to meet Trey at Whole Foods for lunch. When we got there my friend Hannah was there with food and a letter from Trey telling me to go with her to a green house. When I got there two more of our best friends were there with a weeping willow sapling (my favorite tree) and a letter telling Me he was off finding a pot for it until we could plant it at our own house. So we went to a friend’s house where they have an abandoned greenhouse of their own. He was in there with lights and plants hanging EVERYWHERE and he had a chair for me to sit in while he played my favorite song on guitar and sang and played the harmonica.

Tori's Proposal in Inside of a Greenhouse

My friend Neeley is a photographer, and she was under a table taking pictures the whole time. He’s the most thoughtful man.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Inside of a Greenhouse

Special Thanks

Neeley Moore
 | Photographer