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How We Met

Robbie and I both grew up in small towns on Long Island, New York. When I was in Middle School around 12 or 13 years old, I would spend my summer days at Ponquogue Beach in Hampton Bays from sun up to sun down. I had a group of friends that would hang out by the dunes and there was another group separate from ours that hung out close by. We would play volleyball against each other but wouldn’t interact much more than that. There was this one guy, the Football Star with the most beautiful blue eyes that all the girls loved, Robbie. I was too shy to ever say something to him, I just admired him from a distance. Fast forward 10 years. I am about to graduate college with a BFA in Dance and begin my career dancing on a cruise ship.

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I followed Robbie on every social media platform but In today’s social media world you follow a million people and never think that they notice you. A ‘like’ here and there is no big deal, but apparently Robbie took notice. He actually “slid into my DMs” with a cute cheesy line and we began talking here and there. Robbie was graduating too but staying in his hometown of Hampton Bays. I had just ended a two-year relationship and planned on moving away and beginning a performance career. I had no intention of dating, especially a long distance relationship. I told Robbie all of this, and he still made time to visit me at school in New Jersey, help me move out of my apartment and even console me when things fell through with my job dancing on the ship. I spent months telling Robbie that “I don’t want a relationship” and he still remained the most selfless and caring guy I ever met. How could I not date him? He was just too perfect.

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how they asked

When Robbie and I first started dating, he had a whole day planned for us and I had no idea what we were doing; all I knew was that I should “dress nice”. He picked me up, took me to brunch at an adorable place on the North Fork of Long Island called Love Lane Kitchen. From there, we kept driving east. I have an obsession with sunflowers and love any opportunity to buy a bouquet at the local farm stand or stop when I drive by a field of them. As we were driving to our next destination, we drove by a field of sunflowers and I begged for Robbie to stop and turn around so I could take pictures. He pulled in to the next parking lot which happened to be a Vineyard, he smiled and said “surprise!”. Turns out this vineyard, Pindar Vineyard, has a field of sunflowers where you can actually go into the field and cut the flowers down yourself. AS MANY AS YOU WANT! It was the greatest day ever, until the greatest day ever.

One of Robbie’s sisters, Megan was turning 30 this past summer and we had been making plans in the past to do a wine tour with no success. Megan sent a group text to me, Robbie and Megan’s husband James for us to FINALLY do a wine tour this summer for Megan’s birthday. We all agreed on a date and Megan booked the limo and made all the plans (so I thought). July 29th came and I was sending pictures to my four best friends asking if I looked alright for a day of wine tasting on the North Fork (what every girl does right?). Robbie, Megan, James and I all get into the limo and we head to our first vineyard…Pindar Vineyard! We’re drinking and laughing but deep down all I can think about is getting back into that field and cutting down as many sunflowers as my arms (and Robbie’s) can carry. After a couple glasses of wine, all four of us are out in the field picking the best of the best sunflowers. Robbie starts talking and says “You know how much I love you right?” and I respond with a giggle and a “yes” because I think he admires my childlike qualities as I’m filled with joy collecting these sunflowers.

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He turns me around and says “you know how I told you that one day I would marry you?” I’m speechless and nod my head “yes” and then the love of my life gets down on one knee and asks, “Will you marry me?” The surprises didn’t stop there, Megan and James snuck off to the perfect spot to capture everything. We asked another couple in the field to take a group photo of us and he responds with “sure” and whips out his professional camera because of course, he’s a professional photographer! Turns out he and his wife were celebrating their anniversary and just happened to be on the field at the same time! We were so excited about this coincidence and the gentleman justified the perfect timing of our encounter with the simple phrase, “good things happen to good people.” We exchanged contact information and received the most beautiful pictures and memories in return.

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After our time at Pindar, we get back into the limo celebrating with champagne as we proceed with the rest of (what I thought) the wine tour for Megan’s birthday (which I’m starting to think wasn’t for Megan’s birthday). We pull up to Ospreys Dominion Vineyards and I see my Mom, Dad, and Grandparents getting out of the car! We get out of the limo and then see the rest of Robbie’s family, his Mom, Dad, Grandmother, sister and two of our best friends, one who flew home from Florida for the engagement! Robbie and I wholeheartedly agree that family is most important and always comes first. Being able to celebrate the best day of our lives with our family so close was truly one of the best aspects of this beautiful day.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer