Tori and Marc

how they asked

The weekend after Valentine’s Day in 2017, Marc and Tori were celebrating. Marc told Tori he had an entire day full of surprises for her, so she had to just go with the flow. It started with a delicious breakfast where he told her that they were going to get her nails done. She got a manicure and pedicure where she felt totally pampered! After that they went to her favorite lunch, Chinese! At lunch Marc told her that one of their photographer friends wanted to take their photos for a “couple photo shoot.” Tori LOVES pictures so how could she not be completely excited?! They got all dolled up for pictures and met the photographer at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs, CO. During the shoot, the photographer told Tori to lead Marc behind her while they were holding hands, but Marc started to let go of her hand so Tori looked back to see why. When she turned around she saw him trying to get something out of his pocket. She asked him what he was doing and he pulled a box out, got on one knee, opened the box up to show the ring, and said “Will you marry me?”

Image 1 of Tori and Marc

Tori was so shocked that she said, “Are you serious?” After he told her it wasn’t a joke, she said, “Of course!” So their couple shoot turned into an engagement shoot! How perfect!

Image 2 of Tori and Marc

Special Thanks

Shelbie Elzas
 | Photographer