Tori and Josh

Where to Propose in Rome, Italy

How We Met

His first attempt at “shooting his shot” was back in November of 2018. He messaged me and said, “Wanna be friends?” And for some reason, I responded. I had a strict rule when it came to Instagram pursuers that I had to be asked on a formal (public) date at first because honestly, there’s a lot of creeps out there. Well… it took him until March 2019 to FINALLY ask me on a REAL date to a Utah Jazz game. I’m a big basketball girl so I thought, couldn’t hurt. But I did have one stipulation. He couldn’t make a move on the first date. I was so tired of dating boys that only wanted physical things, so I said no moves or no date. He agreed without argument. I was skeptical, but I went. We had so much fun together! He was so nice and knew a lot about sports, which I loved. After the game, he asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie. I figured this is where he would break his ‘no moves’ promise, but I said yes. We watched the whole movie plus part of another one and he didn’t make a SINGLE move. I was SHOCKED. After he dropped me off at my place, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t even go for a goodnight kiss. I sent him a follow-up text to thank him for the date and I couldn’t help but mention the fact that he kept his promise. He said, “I told you I wouldn’t, so I didn’t. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to all night.” And with that, I knew he was different. Me being me, texted him to come back over because my roommates weren’t home and I was suddenly extremely attracted to this man. He was honest and respectful? Such a turn on. So we ended up making out that night and literally spent every waking minute together for the next 2 months until he had to leave for the summer for work. We endured 3 months of long-distance (I of course visited) and that made me love him even more. I missed his companionship, love, and the way we just worked. He’s my person.

How They Asked

At the end of his summer in Iowa for work, Josh surprised me with my dream trip to Italy over my birthday in November! I was so shocked and excited! He had met a travel agent during the summer and they had planned the whole thing. He also surprised me and arranged for one of my best friends and her bf to come with us! So we left for Italy on November 11th with stops in Amalfi, Rome, and Verona. A lot of my friends thought that maybe he was going to propose while we were on the trip, but I wasn’t so sure. We had talked about marriage a little but I figured there was no way he could have the ring in time or have anything planned out. Our first stop was the Amalfi Coast and it was AMAZING.

I secretly thought that if he was going to do it on this trip, it would, of course, be there because you just can’t beat that setting. My birthday is on the 15th of November, our last morning in Amalfi before we headed to Rome that afternoon, so when it didn’t happen that day, I assumed it just wasn’t happening and he wasn’t ready. On the 16th we started our Rome sightseeing at the Trevi Fountain that morning. We forgot to bring our good camera so as a group, we decided to go back later that night once we had the camera and do a mini Photoshoot while it was all lit up in the dark.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

My friend Emily that was on the trip with me told me to get totally glam because we were gonna go to a nice dinner after the shoot and we wanted our pics to be amazing of course. Nothing out of the ordinary for us. So I got ready and we made the 5-minute walk from our hotel to the Trevi Fountain. After taking a few pictures, Emily said it was time for couples shots and that Josh and I were both going to close our eyes and throw coins in the fountain. So I closed my eyes and threw my coin in the fountain. When I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee with the most stunning ring I could ever imagine. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. It never even crossed my mind that he would do it in ROMA! So there, in front of 100’s of cheering onlookers and some of my best friends, I said yes to the love of my life in Rome, Italy in front of the Trevi Fountain! A real-life fairytale❤️

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