Tori and Johnathan

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how they asked

My story is kind of funny because I actually figured out he was going to propose a couple days before he did it! He had my best friend (Danielle) text me to ask me to hang out with her on Saturday.

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She told me we were going to get our nails done, have a fun day in, bring a fancy outfit to change into and “there’s a surprise for you!” When she told me to bring a fancy outfit to change into-that’s when I got suspicious (I mean come on…getting our nails done AND a fancy outfit AND surprise? I knew something was up.)

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So I started to text my friend Andy about what I thought was going on. By Thursday I was 100% convinced I was about to be someone’s fiancé! What I DIDN’T know was that Andy texted and told Danielle “hey, Tori is on to you and Johnathan, you need to fix this! You gave it away!”

So Danielle Facetimed me and cleverly got me to spill that I thought I was getting proposed to. She lied VERY well (lying is not something she normally does well at all) and told me that was NOT about to happen. That there’s no way Johnathan wouldn’t involve her and he hasn’t said anything to her so she knows for a fact it won’t happen. We ended our call and I cried. Then cried some more…all this excitement and wishful thinking was just flushed down the drain! I was CERTAIN that I wasn’t getting proposed to anymore.

Saturday arrives, I go to work, I clean up and go over to Danielle’s house. She informs me that my “surprise” is that we’re going to take best friend pictures with her older sister’s fancy camera in her apartment and at Veterans Park during sunset. (See pictures!) So we get our nails done (she asked if I wanted a mani/pedi. She didn’t straight up tell me to get a mani which I thought was another sure sign I wasn’t getting proposed to!) we get lunch, we watch Stick It (duh, great movie) and she does my hair and make-up for the pictures (she’s a professional-I know, very convenient.) then it starts to be time to get going. She takes the longest route possible and then we finally get there. We’re about to miss sunset and all the sudden she has to do literally everything ever at that exact moment (little did I know that she was stalling to give Johnathan some time to finish the proposal area.)

We walk through the beautiful park because she knows “the most perfect spot for pictures” and then we end up on this little wooden bridge and there’s people crowded around waiting for something so we stop. I see a proposal set up (but I didn’t see my boyfriend) and I loudly whisper to her “OMG!!! Someone is getting proposed to! I’ve always wanted to see this in person!!!” all the while thinking “this should’ve been my day.” I turn to look at all the people waiting around, and I see Johnathan’s best friend….then I see Johnathan and I just freeze.

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I somehow move my feet to get to Johnathan and all I can say is “you’re supposed to be at work! You told me you were at work!” Then he proposes and neither Johnathan nor I remembers a dang thing he said!

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All that excitement and adrenaline running through you makes you forget a lot. I remember picking up the ring before I said “YES!” though : ) It was perfect.

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He’s perfect. Our marriage is going to be so filled with overwhelming love for each other.

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