Tori and John

Tori and John's Engagement in Walt Disney World

How We Met

John and I met officially in college after our roommates dated each other. I was begged by my roommate since our sophomore year to please give this handsome guy a shot. I knew about him from a previous instance that would make me less fond of him, but I went for it anyway at the end of our junior year at Quinnipiac University. We instantly hit it off, and have been almost inseparable ever since. We’ve been through some of the roughest of rough patches, way more than a married couple of 10 years would go through. But we’ve grown, become stronger, and more in love every day since we’ve met.

How They Asked

John and I met, with a long story, in college. We instantly hit it off, and we’re inseparable since April 2016. He quickly learned my love for Disney when we asked him to come on vacation with us shortly after we started dating. He was invited on every family vacation from then on. To start, Disneyland and Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii. Our love grew in magic with some of the roughest spots along the way. Well, when all the rough patches were smoothed over, and we finally got to enjoy our time as a couple, we took another family trip. Our love became centered around the next trip, when we would go, what we would do, and of course what we would eat. We couldn’t get enough, so much so that I became an independent travel consultant for Love The Mouse, LLC. June 2019, just after our 3 year anniversary, and a few months after being a new travel agent John asked me to marry him RIGHT at home ?. I could not have asked for a better proposal with a family friend capturing the moment for my parents via Facebook Live, and Johns family there to witness the magic in person. I don’t have many “favorite Disney Trips” because they’re all pretty great, but this one takes the cake.”

Tori's Proposal in Walt Disney World