Tori and Jeremy

Image 1 of Tori and Jeremy

How We Met

When I was in physician assistant school, I had a huge test the following Monday but my best friend begged me to come to the football tailgate that day. I went to Ohio state for undergrad and still lived in the area. I finally agreed to go to the tailgate. When I got there, there was a very tall guy with cool sunglasses. He sat down next to me and kept telling me how freakishly big and blue my eyes were. I was like uhhh thanks. Then we had a few beers and hung out with all of our friends. Jeremy kept asking me to get dinner with him the next day and I was like sure I guess. The following day he came over my apartment and we had dinner and hung out and talked and talked. Jeremy went to West Point at the time and had to make the 8 hour drive back to New York the following day. I was bummed to find out he lived so far because I really like him. The next day he left but he kept asking me to call him and we would talk for hours and hours each day. A few weeks later he invited me to a military ball at West Point and I hopped on a plane and went. 3 years later we got engaged.

How They Asked

Jeremy and I now live in Georgia so we traveled home to Ohio for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and he kept asking me to go downtown to see the lights and of course I said yes. We were visiting my parents so they came with us. We walked through a light tunnel and he asked to take a picture with me. He then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited. I then realized his whole family was there as well as mine. He booked us a suite at the Hilton where there was tons of champagne and drinks and we celebrated with our families all night.