Tori and Greg

Image 1 of Tori and Greg

How we met: Greg and I first met in high school. Besides a class or two throughout the years, and a quick hi in the halls, we went on with graduation and college not seeing one another again. After our sophomore year of college, Greg reached out to me finally telling me that he had a crush on me all those years ago. He felt this was a great opportunity to reconnect since our colleges were only an hour away, and we lived near one another. Being back home on summer break, I decided to take a chance and meet up with him. On the Fourth of July we finally got together and had such an amazing connection that we couldn’t stay away from one another. We knew we were meant for one another. Five years later, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Luna Rylee. That joyous change in our lives, combined with many years of learning and growing with one another, we began to talk about marriage.

how they asked: Leading up to the proposal, as a woman I kind of had an intuition something was going on, but I quickly put it down as “he’s just acting weird”. When he came up with the idea of doing a couples photo shoot and dinner for my birthday. I still had no clue what was in store for that night. After taking all those amazing photos around where I live, we finally made it to the gazebo.

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Greg said he wanted to take a “prom photo” and I quickly said no way. So instead he said he wanted to take an “epic photo”. After hearing that I’m still completely oblivious and ask what is an epic photo.

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Finally he gets down on one knee and says everything I felt and wanted to hear from the man I was always wishing to spend the rest of my life with.

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I quickly said yes! That day all my dreams came true, until a week later when we got married. Having that proposal captured in the moment was a beautiful surprise and a precious memory we will keep with us always.

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Photos by Brandilynn Aines Photography