Tori and Derek

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How We Met

I was in nursing school and Derek had just moved 3 1/2 hours West to start his first “big boy job”. I had never met Derek before, but one of my best friends, Emily, was dating Derek’s good friend. It was a Sunday night and Emily and I were sitting in the library avoiding studying for our latest test. Somehow, Emily got this idea…” you should make Meshke fall in love with you.” she said. I’m sitting here like what? I don’t even know what this guy looks like! This is a crazy and silly idea! So, I look him up on Facebook, realizing that he’s actually super cute. What did I have to lose I guess? So, I added him as a friend, and within minutes got the notification that he accepted.

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That’s when I took my chance and sent him a message saying “Hey! I know this is kind of weird and random, but you’re pretty good looking!”. I was so nervous (like seriously who does stuff like this?). He quickly messaged me back saying “I thought my mom was lying when she always told me that haha…what’s going on?” From there we just picked up a conversation like it was totally normal, he eventually asked me for my number, and we *finally* met in person two weekends later.

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how they asked

Derek and his younger brother grew up playing fastpitch softball leagues in the summertime, and that has been something their family has done every summer for as long as they can remember. I played fastpitch in high school, so I knew the game pretty well. Our first summer together, there was a tournament almost every weekend, with one of them falling over the 4th of July weekend in Whalan/Lanesboro, MN, a super adorable tourist town. This was easily my favorite spot that we traveled to that year, and I was looking forward to heading back to that tournament the following summer! Another year passed, and the 4th was approaching again. Derek and I had previously talked about and looked at rings together only a couple weeks before, but I didn’t think anything too serious about it. So, we headed back to Lanesboro for another weekend of ball playing and camping, looking back I should have realized that everyone was acting super weird around me and was very short with their words, turns out they knew what was going to go down that weekend.

I think I was just so excited to be there with everyone that I didn’t even notice! It was Saturday morning, July 2nd, and the boys had their first game of the weekend tournament against a team that you could consider one of their “bigger rivals”. It was an intense game, being 0-0 throughout the whole game. It was the last inning, and Derek was up to bat with 2 outs (no pressure), all he had to do was get the guy on base into a home and the game was over. He must have really wanted to win, because he had a hard hit between the bases, scoring our 1 run and winning the game! Derek must have taken this as a sign to pop the question now rather than later.

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After the game, the team usually huddles together while the fans gather around to get the updates for the next game and to get any pep talks from the coach, Derek’s dad Blake. Well, I had no idea what was doing on, but Blake was really making a lengthy speech after this game. Turns out the boys were digging through their ball bags trying to find the ring box and Blake was trying to waste time! So, finally Blake wrapped up his speech, and all the guys put their gloves in to cheer “Team!” like they usually do, only this time the word team sounded an awful lot like “Tori!”. I think my heart stopped for a couple seconds here. After that, the boys all broke apart the huddle, and Derek came through with a ring box in his softball glove, got down on one knee in front of everyone, and asked me the easiest question ever “will you marry me?”.

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