Tori and Cole

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Winterfest - Tulsa, Oklahoma

How We Met

He was my barista! When I first laid eyes on the cute guy at Starbucks, I couldn’t help but drop by for lattes more frequently! Consistency led to a coffee date, which led to a dinner date that same week. Here we are just 7 months later!

how they asked

We were on our way into downtown, listening to the La La Land soundtrack when he gave me our ice skating date card written on a spade playing card. We parked the car and realized we needed a quick YouTube tutorial on how to ice skate. We wondered over to Winterfest, pick up our skates and cautiously glided onto the rink. We were a few laps in when I got brave enough to skate away from the wall. Then all of the sudden, the once colorful lights struck white and the song All Of Me by John Legend began to play. I turned to look back for Cole who then pulled me back in close to him. He handed me another playing card which this time was an Ace of diamonds that read, “You know the real reason why were here?!” He took me by the hand, got down on one knee and that’s when I noticed the crowd of other skaters stop and began to cheer.

Proposal Ideas Winterfest - Tulsa, Oklahoma

He pulled out a small wooden box with the ring and asked, “Tori Marie Brown, will you marry me?” I of course said yes! Then two weeks later, we eloped!

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