Tori and Christian

How we met: We met at a club which isn’t an ideal place to meet someone. I wasn’t even supposed to go that night but friends dragged me along. I spotted him from across the room and asked him to dance. He was such a gentleman from the start and always has been. I’m so lucky and blessed to have met someone so amazing like he is.

Image 1 of Tori and Christian

how they asked: We decided to take a little road trip out to Galveston to have some time away from work and life. We got to our condo and I got ready thinking we were only going to dinner and then a walk on the beach after. We ate and then started walking on beach. We found some rocks that would look good of we took a picture on then. Christian told me to turn around because he thought the back of my dress was pretty and it would be a good picture. I turn around waiting for him to take the picture and when I turn around I find him on one knee. I can’t even believe what is going on I don’t even think it’s real. Of course I say yes and I can not wait to marry my best friend.

Photo by Lindsay Bustamante