Tori and Christian

How We Met

To be honest, Victoria and I first met on Tinder. I took her to the shooting range for our first date, and though we got along great there and at dinner afterwards, she ended the night by telling me that we had a great mental connection (we debated economics the entire meal, she majored in financial economics and I knew just enough to have an idea what she was talking about) but she didn’t think there was romantic potential. I was infatuated with her, and I was happy she wanted to maintain contact with me in any capacity. We both have strong personalities, and we connected in the challenge we presented to one another. Over time, she slowly let me in, and, as someone mentioned at our wedding, “I chased her till she caught me.”

How They Asked

I was at her parents house—I wasn’t planning on proposing right then, but rather just speaking with her father. Tori’s 8 year old daughter, Jordyn, was in the loop, as I wanted to incorporate her in the experience as well. I told her daughter that I had her grandfather’s permission to propose to her mom, and she wanted to do it that second! So, that’s what we did. Jordyn made a wreath by weaving twigs and wrote our names in heart in the dirt near a tree outback. She did a great job. She even picked a bunch of flowers to put in designs around the area where she wanted me to take a knee. She did all of this on the fly, in about 20 minutes.



Special Thanks

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