Tori and Chris

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How We Met

Chris’s best friend in high school, Katie, was my good friend in college. Our freshman year, Chris asked her who she had made friends with and she showed him me. He immediately asked her to introduce us and she agreed. Chris went to a different college than us, but our hometowns were close, so on the next break we all met up and went out for ice cream. That was the last I saw of Chris for 4 years. I had a boyfriend at the time and throughout college, and the timing just never worked out.

After college I moved back home to New York and he moved to Connecticut for work. A year after we graduated, he was back home for Easter and I bumped into him at a bar. He saved me from an awkward situation with another guy and we talked all night. At the end of the night, he asked me if he could take me on a date the next day. I told him that if he remembered that he liked me the following day, that he could take me on a date. At 11am the next morning he texted me that he had remembered, and was ready for our date.

He showed up that night with a long stem red rose— we had our first date and we never stopped dating. After 5 months of long distance, I moved to CT to be with him, and a year after that, we moved to Greenville, SC.

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how they asked

Chris suggested one night that we go out to dinner. I had a pretty rough day at work, so I declined, but he convinced me that it would make me feel better. We got to the restaurant, split a bottle of wine, and he sat for two hours, smiling and listening to me talk about this thing, or that thing. After dinner he suggested that we go for a walk, maybe go grab another drink at our favorite roof top bar.

Directly under that bar is an alleyway of beautifully strung lights. It’s a popular tourist spot in Greenville to have your photo taken, and though we had taken that photo for many people, we had never had one taken of us and Chris new that upset me. He suggested that we take one right then since we were there, and proceeded to pull over a random couple that was walking by. We get our photo taken, but as the woman was handing our phone back, Chris requested one more photo. As I prepared to pose, he got down on one knee. Just like that, this amazing (and nameless) woman switched my camera over to video, and captured the whole thing like she had been training for that moment her whole life. Which is good, because to this day, neither of us even remembers what we said. We were both so overcome with emotion that the only thing we can guarantee is that I said yes! Following the engagement, we went up to our favorite bar and had a glass of champagne. It was here that Chris explained to me that he had asked my Dad’s permission 3 months prior on a family vacation, and had been customizing the rings since. He only just received the ring hours before we went out— guess he couldn’t wait!

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