Torey and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met in March 2015 watching the Wisconsin Badgers during March Madness and it was pretty undeniable that he was someone special – someone that doesn’t come around all that often. It wasn’t until September 2015 that I knew I loved him and that I couldn’t imagine spending my life without him.

how they asked

2016 was a big year for us! We moved in together, purchased our first home together, and Kyle turned 30 on August 12th. Such a big milestone deserved a big celebration! So, I had planned a party the next day at Blind Owl Brewery, a local brewery just down the street from our house. We planned to play bags, bocce ball, and have a great night with all of our friends and both of our families came in to celebrate. Indiana weather, in true form, did not co-operate with outdoor parties. It rained All. Day. Long. Plans for yard games were squashed. We made the best of it and set up under their outdoor awning and had a great time. During the first break of the day from the rain, we all got together for a big group picture. It was truly amazing to see all of the people who love Kyle and it made my heart smile.

When we were done with pictures, Kyle asked everyone to hang around and he thanked everyone for coming out to celebrate his milestone birthday and how it’s rare that all his friends and family are together in the same place and what a gift it was. He went on to say that although it was a great birthday, there was one more gift he’d like to receive before his birthday weekend was over. My sweet Kyle asked that I join him to help give him his last gift. He got down on one knee, said the most wonderful things about us and our relationship and asked me to marry him.

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All the while, I was crying the most surprised and happy tears and said, “Yes! Yes, Yes, yes!”

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It was such a special day and extra special that both sets of our parents there. (The picture I included is my favorite! My Dad and Mom, who have been married for 33 years are in the background sharing in our joy. It was very special and a memory we will cherish forever!)

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After the proposal I learned about all the planning that went into our big day. He included a lot of our family in choosing the ring and even went up to Lafayette, my home town, to talk to my dad the day before! He had told me he was golfing with his co-workers but instead he made the hour-long trip up to have lunch with my Dad to ask for my hand in marriage.

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Kyle is truly the most generous, loving, un-selfish, amazing man and he turned his big weekend into our big weekend. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful he came into my life and that I get to spend it with him.

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