Torey and Ben

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How We Met

It all started with a tweet! I followed Ben on Twitter when I had just moved to Columbus and wanted to keep up with Ohio State Football news. Not only was he good looking (based on his picture) but he also loved Cleveland sports and was funny. I knew he was my dream guy! Sometimes he would tweet about where he was watching sports, so I would always tell my sister we should just casually go to those bars and accidentally bump into him. Never actually following through, I just continued to read his tweets.. until one night in December 2014. After a few Great Lakes Christmas Ales and nothing to lose, I tweeted at him “I want to go on a date with @benaxelrod” and went to bed. The next morning I got a follow request and a reply back from him! “@toreydanae you buying?” We exchanged numbers and planned to meet for dinner the following week!

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On February 10th, we had plans for dinner and a surprise for Valentine’s Day. Ben got tickets to go to the top of the terminal tower in downtown Cleveland. At the top, we asked another couple who was up there if they could take a picture of us.

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When I turned around after taking off my coat, Ben “bent the knee” and asked me to marry him! He also replied to my tweet from December 2014 saying “I want to marry @toreydanae”.

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