Topacio and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in high school when I was a Junior(17) and he was a Sophomore(15). He added me on Myspace one day and when I saw him at school I was excited to tell him I added him he was very good looking and very handsome. He then gave me a look and walked away. I was so annoyed. Later that day he messaged me on AIM. I honestly did not want to talk to him he was so rude in person. We continued to talk on AIM. It got to the point where he would tell me he only watched sports center and did not like to do anything. I was like OMG I am wasting my time! In High school we hung out at “the wall” Well we literally hung out across from each other! AND he would not come talk to me and neither would I. I was raised where the guy makes the move. In our AIM conversations I would ask him why he didn’t talk to me in person he was so talkative on AIM by the way. And he said I should go to him..NOT Well one day he finally came to “my wall” and that day my life changed! I was so head over heels for him! From that day forward we always talked at lunch, he started walking me to class, waiting for me after class. We would hang out by his locker, by my locker. This was in the spring so when summer came I was scared I wouldn’t see him since he didn’t like to do anything! Of course him being younger I had to drive and pick him if I wanted to do anything with him. When the summer came we went on our first date to the movies to see Spider Man. I was so nervous as I am sure he was too. It was the best first date! We made it official on July 08, 2006. I was so happy to have him as my boyfriend. We hung out all summer and got to know each other very well! When school was back in we were inseparable. Being older meant graduating and going to college first I will say it was hard and their were ups & downs but we made it!

how they asked

Michael and I have dated for 9 1/2 years. Since we were babies in high school. One day we found a hidden beach in La Jolla, CA. It was so perfect. We took a blanket and saw the sunset. Another time we went and took sprinkles cupcakes, another time we took graduation pictures for his college graduation and mine, he loves taking pictures so we would also go a lot to take pictures of the sunsets. Every time it was so romantic. There were always couples getting engaged, doing engagement photos, wedding photos. It was the perfect spot and so romantic. The first time we saw the sunset there we decided it would be our secret spot. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago I told him I wanted to take christmas pictures. Of course with the holidays and work we had no time. Every year it is the same so disappointing. Well my birthday is the 27th of December and he told me early in the week he had plans for me on the 26th and that he still wanted to take pictures and wanted to go to our secret spot. I thought why? What is the point now, Christmas will be over by then! But whatever I thought sure ok can Mia come? (My yorkie) I figured I would make it a family photoshoot! We decided not to take her. During the week my niece had asked me to show her my nails because she needed ideas. Come to find out she was just making sure my nails are done. It was always a request from me to him to make sure my nails were done whenever the day came. I went shopping on Christmas Eve for a dress and even found him a shirt to wear for the pictures. So the 26th came and he woke up to go get a haircut and I started getting ready. While I was getting ready my older sister suggested I should wear waterproof mascara in case my eyes got watery I thought Oo good idea! Later when he got home he got in the shower and I started doing my mascara and as I started I stopped and thought “could it be? Is he going to propose?…Then I thought “he just asked me about rings the other day there is no way, he does not have the ring I know it” And that was it I got it out of my head. On we go to the beach and right when we got there it was so windy and cold. I was so annoyed I could not believe it. I spent hours getting ready and doing my make up thank goodness for waterproof mascara. I texted my niece so annoyed and she told me just relax it will be fine, pretend you are a model and blow your hair in the wind lol . I was like ugh ok. The photographer worked with my boyfriend in the past and her work was good. So we found a secluded spot in the cove it was just so perfect and so romantic. We took about 200 pictures. We went to the other side and after he said lets go back to where we started I said ok! We took one last picture when the photographer said how long have you guys been dating again? And I said 9 1/2 Years. Might I add I hate when people ask me because the response is ALWAYS “when are you going to propose!!??” It gets old lol so when she asked me I was like great she had to ask since I didn’t know her well I kept quiet and just thought of my response in my head. Then Michael said it has been a long time huh and I said well YA! And then I saw him put his hand in his pocket. At that moment so many emotions ran through me and I said what!? NO WAY! NO WAY! and he got down on one knee and I just started crying. I can not express how much I love this man and how long I have waited for this day. He started crying and said you are making this hard, I laughed then he asked me to marry him! And I said YES of course! Once he put the ring on I instantly kissed him and remembered the photographer and turned to fix my make up right away haha. Once again thank god for waterproof mascara! After that the photographer took more pictures with the ring and what not. I was shocked and speechless. I still can’t believe it till this day. After, he said we were going to show his parents then mine the whole ride there I didn’t talk it was a feeling I had never experienced. When we arrived I saw a lot of cars and when we walked in my whole family and his family were there waiting for us. They decorated the back yard so cute, got me engagement sprinkle cupcakes, and a birthday cake! Since my birthday was the next day. It was the most amazing day of my life. He did everything I had ever asked. We always talked about a small get together with our immediate family, my nails being done, a photographer to capture the moment. I will honestly say I had no idea and I am surprised my family didn’t spill the beans! We dated for 9 1/2 years and it was all worth the wait!!!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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