Top Proposal Stories of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, we’re reliving the love we’ve shared by rounding up our top proposal stories of the year. They’ve made us laugh, smile, and or course, start to tear up (warning: you’ll want your tissues on hand). Thank you for sharing the love with us.

courtney and chris’ disneyland proposal with “real” glass slipper

Disneyland Cinderella Princess Proposal

If having a proposal at Disneyland doesn’t already make you feel like a princess, getting engaged outside Cinderella’s castle, dressed like a princess, and having a glass slipper put on your foot certainly will! That’s exactly what Chris aka Prince Charming did for Courtney. He even had the ring delivered to them on a pillow! Read more here.

he had been proposing for 365 days. watch what happens when she finds out


A proposal happening any day of the year is amazing, but one that has been happening (and stayed a surprise) for 365 days, now that’s just incredible. That’s what Dean did for his lucky lady Jennifer. Dean wanted to get married 8 months into the relationship but knew it was too early to ask. Instead, he decided he would ask one year later, on her 26th birthday. For every day leading up to that year, Dean made a video clip and on the big day showed her a video of him holding up a sign, dated with each day of the year, counting down the last 365 days. Check out his year-long proposal here.

aaron and makenna’s beautiful teepee proposal

tent teepee marriage proposal

After a night out they returned home to a candlelit path that led up to a teepee. The teepee was set up with pillows and blankets and they laid under the night sky as  Aaron played a movie he had made for Makenna full of all of their favorite memories. See the full story here.

megan and john | THe Best Proposal Ever

Best Scavenger hunt proposal

A fan favorite for three years now, Megan and John’s proposal is a classic (and possibly the most epic scavenger hunt proposal of all time). John got Megan out under the guise of a photoshoot for his company. When she got there, instead of a camera waiting for her, it was a note sending her and her friends all over town. Clues met them at every stop, getting their nails done, having drinks, and visiting key locations in Megan and John’s relationship. See the scavenger hunt everyone’s talking about here.

he fell in love with her when she was 10, this is how he proposed to her

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.32.52 PM

When they got asked to be in his cousin’s music video, she had no idea that Sam was going to propose, or that the song they were filming a video for was written just for her! The song ended with, “I’ve been hoping that you’ll marry me someday.” Watch their music video.

Domestic Violence Survivor Gets Engaged to the Man Who Saved Her Life

Tampa Bay Rays Proposal (7)

After being abused and surviving by a miracle, Melissa didn’t think she’d ever love again, until she met Cameron, the EMT who helped save her life. When Melissa was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game, she thought it was for the charity she worked for, not her proposal! Read their love story here.

Claudette and JOnathan’s tear-jerking proposal video

Calgary-Wedding-Proposal-Engagement-Claudette-Jonathan-2014 0184

As someone who plans ahead, Claudette had no idea what to expect when she got called to the upstairs office at work. Imagine her surprise when her boss was waiting for her with a change of clothes and a note from Jonathan, asking her to come meet him! Cry along with the video.

the founder of gets engaged!

proposal ideas in colorado DSC_0033

It’s been a great year for proposals, and a great year for our founder, who spent this entire year engaged! Greg got down on one knee on the ski slopes of Colorado for this adorable proposal, saying he wanted to propose in the same place they fell in love. As they headed down the rest of the mountain, now as an engaged couple, Stacy had no idea who was waiting for her at the bottom. Enjoy Stacy and Greg’s story here.

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

free puppy turns into marriage proposal

As if finding a free puppy in the park wasn’t a great enough surprise, the puppy had a note on its collar to “turn around.” When she turned around, Kyle was down on one knee with another great surprise, an engagement ring! See the adorable proposal (and puppy) pictures here.

she had no idea she was being proposed to for weeks

Surprise Proposal Weeks in the Making China (16)

For a couple who travels, taking photos everywhere they went was nothing out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary, was that Nick was sneaking “Marry Me?” signs into the back of their photos. All these photos were made into a Marry Me book for their proposal! View the surprise photos here.

before her dog died, he asked for the dog’s permission to marry her, and documented it

Adam and Summer Romantic Surprise Marriage Proposal (5)

Summer never expected Adam to be able to buy an engagement ring. Not only did he save up for a ring, but when he found out Lexi, Summer’s dog and best friend, was going to pass away, he did an adorable photoshoot of him asking Lexi’s permission to marry Summer! Grab your tissues then click here.


Did you get engaged in 2015? Share your proposal story with us!