Top of the Rock Marriage Proposal

top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_lowBrian and I have been together for twelve years. We never considered ourselves a traditional couple and did not consider marriage until we reached our thirties. However, the engagement was worth the wait!

As is Brian’s style, he planned a grand gesture that I will never forget.

The day began with lunch at the Russian Tea Room and then we walked over to Rockefeller Center for what was supposed to be a friend’s birthday party.

Brian told a white lie that the group was meeting at the Top of the Rock to take a group picture before the beginning of the party; however, when we got upstairs, there was no one in sight.

All that was visible was the sprawling panorama of the city and what felt like just the two of us.

With the Empire State building in the background, Brian noted how we had come to the Top of the Rock when we were fresh out of college and discussed how we would make the city our home. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

A flood of emotion came over me, and as I wiped away tears, Brian noted that a photographer had caught the whole experience on camera.

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top of the rock marriage proposal ideas__low top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_Bond_Hulse_Sarah_Tew_Photography_040BrianProposalToMelissa_low


Then, Sarah Tew revealed herself, we laughed and had an engagement photo shoot. After about 30 minutes, there was another surprise…my family, who had driven in from Boston that morning burst through the doors of the observation deck to join us in celebration and to take more photos!

top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_Bond_Hulse_Sarah_Tew_Photography_067BrianProposalToMelissa_low top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_Bond_Hulse_Sarah_Tew_Photography_069BrianProposalToMelissa_low top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_Bond_Hulse_Sarah_Tew_Photography_092BrianProposalToMelissa_low top of the rock marriage proposal ideas_Bond_Hulse_Sarah_Tew_Photography_126BrianProposalToMelissa_low


Photos by Sarah Tew Photography