Tonya and Travis

How We Met

Saturday, November 16th, 2013- I went to my friend Angelynn’s to hang out before potentially going to a bonfire. That was until she convinced me to go to a Raptors Game with her in the City. I was easily convinced with box seats, free drinks + a fun sporting event out with her. We quickly got ready and within a couple of hours we were at the game, and having so much fun (as we do). After the Raptors game ended, we met up with her brother, Travis in the city.

A few days later, to my surprise, he asked me out on a date. After a few dates and a month or so of hanging out, we developed some pretty strong feelings rather quickly.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton ON

Unfortunately, the timing was a bit off as I had already agreed to go to the Dominican Republic to work for a few months mid-December. Once I got there, we continued to talk, and facetime when we could (horrible reception and all). Let’s just say, he won me over, because I decided to leave the sunshine behind and come back home to the cold, 2 short months later. After coming home, we decided to take a 3 hr road trip in a snowstorm to see my grandma, and … she approved!

Thank god I said yes to that Raptors Game because a house and a beautiful baby girl later… here we are!

Tonya's Proposal in Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton ON

How They Asked

Travis’s uncle is the Co-Founder of a new soccer league and the story was ‘he had offered us a bunch of tickets to bring some friends and family to the first Inaugural game to support the league and to be a part of history’. So Travis casually asked me to invite a few friends and he was going to do the same.

Gameday came, and my best friend and Trav’s sister met at our house and we all drove down together. We had a group of about 15 people, all sitting together including close friends of ours and a few of his closest family members (parents, aunt, uncle, etc.)

Knowing I grew up playing soccer, LOVE sporting events, and truly appreciate those closest to me, Travis had a much bigger plan for this game. He was texting up a storm, and when I naively asked who he was talking to, he told me his aunt (who was sitting up in a box). He said she wanted to know where our seats were. Next thing I knew, someone was at our seats telling us we had been randomly selected to participate in some soccer Trivia down on the field. I thought his aunt set us up!!

So, we, along with his sister and our 5/ mo old daughter made our way down to the field (I was freaking out because I’m not one for a mic in front of that many people). Next thing I knew, I was on the field … and Travis was down on one knee in front of a sold-out stadium, asking me to marry him !!!! After saying YES, I was handed a bouquet of red roses + told that a professional photographer was there to capture it all.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton ON

To top it all off… after running over to my now sister in law and baby girl who was down on the field with us, he surprised me again by telling me my family was hiding on the other side of the field!!! *cue the waterworks* We all met up and celebrated in a box together!

After the game, we made our way back to our house + to my surprise AGAIN, it was decorated and a surprise engagement party was in full effect !! WHAT A DAY. and night!

I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect proposal. This truly was #TheProposalOfMyDreams

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