Tonya and Ardalan

How We Met

In 2012, I met Ardalan in my freshman year of college at Florida Atlantic University. We met at a local club in Boca Raton through a mutual friend. There was an instant connection but because I was just a freshman in college and he was just finishing his undergrad I felt the timing wasn’t right. We since stayed friends and last year we reconnected through social media. After a long night of messaging back and forth, I knew we were meant to be.

How They Asked

At the beginning of our relationship, Ardalan had asked me if I had ever been to Paris. Although I had been to Europe many times, I had never been to Paris because I always knew I wanted to go there with my true love. In March 2019, a year after we first started dating, he planned a trip to Europe. He told me we were going to three cities, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. Our first stop was London on Friday and we spent a few amazing days there. When we went to the airport on Monday morning, I thought we were going to Amsterdam but he surprised me instead with a romantic trip to Venice, Italy. Part of me thought he was going to pop the question in Venice when he took me on a Gondola around Venice. But nothing happened there. On Wednesday, we headed to Paris.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

That night he told me he had a fancy brunch booked for Thursday morning and that I had to get up bright and early. When we were heading to “brunch” he told the driver to pull up to Trocadero gardens real quick so we can take a few pictures while the sun rises. Me being obsessed with taking the best Instagram photos I didn’t hesitate. As I was getting ready for him to take a picture of me he got down on one knee and I saw him signal the photographer he had secretly hired to capture this very special moment.

Tonya and Ardalan's Engagement in Paris, France