Sarah and Tony


How We Met

I met Tony after I moved back to the Philadelphia area from Pittsburgh. I was waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory and transferred to the restaurant he happened to bartend at. After a few months we developed a flirty relationship and frequently ended up focusing on each other at group outings. One night after grabbing after work drinks with coworkers, I decided to “coincidentally” stop at Wawa the same time he was. I claimed to be stopping for Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia — he invited me over — and  the rest is history.


how they asked

We had talked about getting married a for a few years – we even went as far as trying on rings! But I had no idea what he would do. My future maid-of-honor always said that he would come up with something creative, but I couldn’t quite put my “ring finger” on it.

I did have an idea that something was coming… I heard someone ask Tony if plans were still on for Sunday, November 15 and he quickly changed the subject and left the room. We woke up that Sunday morning and had brunch at our favorite spot in my neighborhood after church – he even brought champagne. I waited for something to happen aaaaand… nothing.

Tony is a bartender and his parents usually help him with his boys on the weekend. This particular weekend he told me that his parents had other plans, so the boys were with his aunt and uncle in Reading. He asked me to come with him to pick them up and said we could stop at my grandparents on the way since we were not seeing them for Thanksgiving. He immediately got on the wrong highway (I suppose he would blame nerves), but eventually we were on our way.

When we pulled up to my grandparents’ house, he took me around to their back yard rather than entering the house through the garage door. As we walked along their path, I saw that the playhouse my Pop-pop had built me when I was a child lit up and beautifully decorated. I stopped and gasped. He slowly led me inside the playhouse where he had a photo album of our relationship and a handmade sign that read “Will you marry me Sarah?” I started shaking and barely let him get down on one knee. Of course I said yes!


My grandparents, parents and brother were waiting to celebrate with us, and we were joined shortly by Tony’s parents and sons for a celebratory dinner. I have never felt surrounded by so much love.