Tony and Jennifer

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How We Met

Tony and I met at work, Whole Foods, to be exact. I was good friends with his younger sister and she then introduced us for the first time! The moment I saw him, I knew I wanted to know more about who he was. I fell in love with his big brown eyes at first and then he started talking and well, after that I was head over heels for him. We’ve been together for 3 whole years now (best years of my life.) I never pictured myself falling in love but he made it so easy.

how they asked

Tony’s Christmas gift to me this year was a trip to Santa Fe, NM which is my favorite place ever! He surprised me with a week long trip and we stayed in a beautiful casita in Santa Fe which has an incredible view of the mountains. The morning of New Years Eve, he took me to my favorite restaurant, The Chocolate Maven, and afterwards to my favorite park. Frenchy’s Field is my favorite park because of the mountainous views and the beautiful trails alongside it. It’s one of the places in New Mexico where I feel the closest and most peaceful with myself. We walked for a little and we then decided to sit on the best bench in the park because it gives you the most perfect views. Tony began to talk about our relationship and how how much we loved how far we’ve come and how strong we’ve become, then he told me he had a gift…that’s when he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. “I love spending time with you and seeing new places with you and I want to continue doing that and growing with you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” The whole time from the moment he dropped to one knee all the way until we got back to our little casita, I as crying hysterically out of pure joy. It was the most perfect proposal and the most gorgeous ring.

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