ToniMarie and Edison

How We Met

It was September of 2006, I was a new student sitting in my 1st period biology class and in walks Edison, I had no idea who he was but I knew I wanted to meet this kid with the most amazing smile! We made eye contact, there I knew he would have purpose in my life. So like any other highschool freshman, I ran out of class and told my friends I liked him! They told his friends and well fast forward two years to 2008 and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend after years of friendship. We ended up having the perfect fairytale you hear about in movies! He was the captain of the varsity football team and I was the cheerleader head over heals! We’ve been dating ever since!

how they asked

Every year we go on a summer vacation. This year Edison wanted to go to Spain, so we looked into it and booked the trip 6 months in advance! We were so excited to be traveling to Europe together! We get to the airport and I noticed that Edison was so nervous to get through security (I didn’t know this but the ring was in his carry on bookbag). We arrive in Barcelona, for the first 4 days who took that book bag with him everywhere, I just thought he used it to carry our water bottles being it was 100 degrees (good cover up) ! For our last night in Barcelona, Edison planned for us to take a sail boat ride into the Mediterranean Sea!

Where to Propose in Barcelona, Spain

We bough wine, picky foods and even champagne! I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary, because I knew he’s been wanting to do this. We got on the boat around 7 pm and sailed for two hours! It was absolutely breathtaking, at about 9 pm when the sun was starting to set, Edison asked if I wanted to take pictures! To my knowledge, he planned ahead of time for the sailor to take the pictures for us (the sailor was in on the whole proposal). We took a few pictures in one section of the boat and then moved to another section of the boat. When we got to the other section, he let go of my waist and started to get on one knee!!!!!!!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barcelona, Spain

I immediately started hysterically crying in shock, he said the most genuine, beautiful words to me, telling me he wanted to spend forever with me and then asking me to marry him! He moved to over to a where we could sit and that’s where he put the ring on my finger. For the next hour we sailed back to shore as a newly engaged couple !!!

ToniMarie's Proposal in Barcelona, Spain