Toni and Zach

Image 3 of Toni and Zach

How We Met

We met online. I canceled the date and made an excuse that my legs hurt. I often would make dates and bail. However, when I canceled he was so sweet over the phone that we rescheduled for breakfast the next day. The rest was history!

How They Asked

Zach planned a hike. This hike was extremely hard as we had to climb up mountains to get to the top. I was so mad and am afraid of heights. By the time we arrived at the top w say down to have a picnic.

Image 2 of Toni and Zach

On the way down from the hike (still reeling from climbing up the mountains) he called my name and I turned around as he was on one knee. I always loved hiking with him but now every time I hike I think of that moment. And a plus is that I’m a little less afraid of heights now!

Image 4 of Toni and Zach

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