Toni and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I went on our first date on January 13th, 2014 at Meddlesome Moth in Dallas, Texas. Justin says that he knew I was “the one” from our first date because his valet ticket was “1”. This is not Justin’s only example of our fate; we also saw two engagements during our first two dates. We were both shocked to see engagements in such casual settings. I don’t think we knew we would be engaged less than two years later on these early dates, but we both felt a connection to one another that we had never experienced. After these two dates, Justin and I began spending several days a week together and soon we were inseparable. We bonded over our love of traveling, cooking together, watching shows of interests, and drinking our way through red wines

Justin and I are now living in San Antonio, Texas. Justin moved to San Antonio for work in 2014, and we had to live a part for about 6 months. Although this time was challenging, we made a point to see each other every weekend that we lived in different cities. This strengthened our relationship in unique ways and reaffirmed our desire to move in together in San Antonio. Since moving to San Antonio, we have adopted a rescue dog and have enjoyed learning about each other and growing together as we share our space and care for our puppy, Huckleberry.

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how they asked

Since moving from Dallas to San Antonio, we have missed all of our friends in Dallas and just being in Dallas. I am obsessed with Halloween (planning out costumes a year in advance!), so Justin and I wanted to celebrate this holiday with our friends in Dallas. In discussing our weekend trip to Dallas, Justin suggested that we visit the Dallas Arboretum. On the morning of Halloween, Justin, two of our good friends (Stefani and Anthony), and I went to the Arboretum despite the drizzly weather. While walking around the park, we spotted an area with an infinity pool overlooking White Rock Lake with beautiful arches. Justin took this opportunity to ask our friends to take a picture of us. While taking pictures, Justin turned to me and asked “how would you like to get engaged in Dallas?”. With that, he got down on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked if I would marry him. At this moment a crowd of people, began to descend into our secluded area, not knowing that Justin was in the middle of proposing. Justin and I were both so happy but very awkward with this unexpected audience. We forgot in the moment what hand the ring went on, and I cannot remember if I even said ‘yes’. However, we luckily figure it out, and Justin put the most beautiful ring that I plan to wear forever on my hand. Our friends and the random crowd of people began cheering. We got to continue our celebrations into the night dress as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Image 5 of Toni and Justin Image 6 of Toni and Justin Image 7 of Toni and Justin Image 8 of Toni and Justin Image 9 of Toni and Justin

Justin’s proposal could not have been more perfect – the location, the friends, and our joint awkwardness! Overall, my favorite memory from the proposal was the look on Justin’s face when he was on one knee and the moment after he finished proposing. Most proposals focus on the face of the person being asked, but I am so happy that I have the pictures of Justin’s reaction to always remind me of all the feelings and love building to this moment. I am so happy to plan a wedding with Justin that is just as uniquely us as our proposal was and begin our journey in this next stage of life.