Toní and André

How We Met

Andre and I have known each other since 10th grade, we were friends in high school but did not get together until after. We made it official during our freshman year of college. He went to Temple University and I stayed local.

how they asked

On November 28th I received a text from Chrystol, my bf’s co-worker’s wife. (whew, that was a mouthful) She’s decided to celebrate her birthday early with dinner at Texas de Brazil. “Dress to impress, there will be a photographer present”. Cool, I think to my self, finally someone as enthusiastic about their birthday as I am. The year before, I attended the wedding of the same birthday girl, battered and bruised. An unfortunate result of my over confidence and lack of experience on the slopes of a Poconos resort. Needless to say I had to redeem myself, I could just imagine their children looking through their pictures years from now thinking, “Jeez this woman just could not get it together”.

Saturday morning came and of course I over slept. I raced to the hair salon and right into the Saturday rush. My goal was to get in and get out, within two hours. I had high hopes. Three and a half hours later I leave the salon and race straight home. If I get ready fast enough I can do my own nails. ‎Naturally, I do not get ready fast and 6pm arrives, time to leave. My bf assures me we have time, now that the birthday girl has decided to take pictures at Jane’s Carousel before dinner. Maybe they’re taking pics for their Christmas card, he suggests. ‎I quickly splotch on some nail polish and air dry in the cab.

When we arrive at the Brooklyn Bridge park, I see my boyfriend’s brother and the photographer, who is actually a friend of ours. Are we the first ones to arrive, I ask. His brother confirms, grrrrrr we’re always waiting for people.‎ My boyfriend then directs my attention to a beautiful layout of rose petals, lights and candles made to form a heart. You would think at this point something would have clicked, nope! This is one elaborate Christmas card, I thought to myself. At this point my boyfriend is now standing in the middle of the heart and I am frantically trying to get him off fearing he would mess up their Christmas card scene. Then Sunshine Lady by Lattimore starts playing and I think, whoa their playing our song! I look up to see André extend his hand to me, then it clicks! He’s proposing!

Proposal Ideas Jane's Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park
After proclaiming his love and impressively remembering all five of my names in the right order, he pops the question. My response? Duhhhh Yessssssss!

Thankfully he has invited my friends, as well as his and some family members to celebrate with us. We headed to the restaurant after a thousand pictures to celebrate our engagement. It was the perfect night!

P.S.- My Friends worked really hard on decorating, and it came out so beautiful. It was really the most magical night.


Special Thanks

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