Tone It Up Helps with Adorable Proposal on Instagram

Johnathan and Rina 1How we met: Johnathan and I met the first week of freshman year at Texas Tech University in 2006. I was from the Dallas area and he was from Houston but I befriended some girls in my dorm that he attended high school with and we were introduced through them. Both of us were new to Lubbock and had just joined a fraternity and sorority, and we’re excited to adjust to college life.

During the second semester of our freshman year we started hanging out a lot more and attending each other’s date parties. When the semester ended we made it official and started dating!

We dated all throughout undergraduate and my graduate program, and then after I finished school in 2012 I moved down to Houston!

how they asked: I thought that Johnathan was going to propose the weekend before when we were in Galveston with my family. Every day we were there I was waiting for him to pop the question but then Monday rolled around and nothing had happened. I was a little disappointed that week, especially since he was leaving for a 10-day long business trip the following week.

He scheduled a massage for me on Saturday but I assumed that was just because I’d had a stressful week. Sunday I started my day with my usual jog and then we went to church. Johnathan wanted to go to brunch afterwards since he was leaving in a few days and I happily agreed because who doesn’t love brunch, and bacon, and mimosas?!

We were sitting our table sipping mimosas when Johnathan told me I’d been tagged in a post on Instagram. I checked my phone and saw that Tone It Up had tagged me in a post (side note: Tone It Up is run by 2 awesome fitness and nutrition ladies, Karena and Katrina, and I’ve been obsessed with their program for the last year. Johnathan now happily eats quinoa because of them!) Anyways, I started reading the post Tone It Up tagged me in and thought I won a prize or something at first. Then I continued reading and saw it was actually a proposal posted along with a video of some photos of Johnathan and I. Then he got on one knee and popped the question and I said YES! Followed by a million questions about how he planned such an awesome and elaborate surprise with the help of Tone It Up!

Johnathan and Rina