Tomomi and Michael

How w met: I’d met many men in 2009 through my friends and online dating sites, but I wasn’t having any luck… I was almost giving on finding the right one. But a couple of my friends introduced him to me in December, almost the end of that year.

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how they asked: In our third year together, I was starting to ask him if we were going to get married or not… but he didn’t give me an answer. I was getting irritated. We’d already bought a condo together that year, but our relationship never seemed to change. I felt like we were just going to live together for the next 10 years. Maybe then he might propose.

Our third anniversary came in December. He made reservations at a nice Japanese restaurant. It was a Monday. The meal was a prix fixe with seven or eight courses. I was so full before we got to the desserts. And then there were two desserts. But he had prepared a heart-shaped cake, too… It was a surprise, and the cake looked so special, but I couldn’t eat it. We asked the waitress not to cut the cake; we just brought it back home.

After we got home, it was almost 10pm. I didn’t want to eat the cake, but I felt guilty, so I told him we could eat a little. I opened the cake box and he told me I should eat the cookie part right away because the cookie would be soft the next morning. And I agreed. I took the cookie and found something inside the cake—yes, it was an engagement ring! He successfully proposed!!

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