Tomi and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in middle school in the 6th grade but did not officially start dating/hanging out until 8th grade. Obviously, starting to date at such a young age (age 14) we relied on our parents to take us everywhere. We started out with lots of movie dates and long walks outside, so we could be alone. My dad was so funny when first meeting Alex that he handed him a golf ball and told him that it would help keep his hands occupied and that he better not find that golf ball, not in Alex’s hands. High school was when the relationship really started blossoming, we went to all four homecomings together and our junior and senior prom.

We’ve spent countless beach trips together, dance and sang it out at concerts, a million movie/dinner nights, tickles fights, summer rides in the jeep with the doors off. He is the boy that’s been there through all the laughs and all the tears, who showed me how to love not only him but to love myself. I couldn’t imagine life without him and I am so grateful that we have spent so much time together and learned to grow together rather than apart. Cheers to 10.17.2020. Cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams!

How They Asked

We have been together since age 14, a total of 9 years. I Never expected a proposal anytime soon since we are both still working on getting our degrees and there was no rush because we both knew our time would come. However, I entered an Instagram contest for a free mini photo session and won!! Little did I know that Alex had emailed the photographer (Maddy Williams Photography) to inform her he was going to propose during our session. They planned it all out right up to the proposal.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sterling, VA

Maddy took a few photos when we arrived and then subtly asked me to turn around and was going to have Alex come up behind me, she said she didn’t like the position and to go ahead and turn back around… when I did Alex was already down on one knee. I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful, caring, and loving man. I am so excited to start this journey with him. #DestinedToBeAPreston

You can read the whole proposal on our photographer’s blog!

Special Thanks

Maddy Williams
 | Photographer