Tomer and Hayley

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How We Met

I met Tomer on a Contiki trip in New Zealand in August 2016. After the trip, we kept in contact daily & he came to visit me in Australia in Oct 2016 and asked me to be his girlfriend. Being from Canada, we did a long-distance relationship for 2 years while Tomer finished his uni degree & we saw each other every few months – either I flew to Canada, he flew to Australia, or we met somewhere in the middle! In September 2018, Tomer moved to Australia to be with me & the rest is history!

How They Asked

I’m still in shock at how he pulled it off because he can never keep a secret & I am usually really good at knowing when he’s up to something! He got my 2 best friends involved to make up a story that the three of us were going away for a weekend to Anna Bay and we were going to stop at a Winery on the way there. Tomer came up with an excuse that he had a few lawn mowing jobs to do on the day which is normal so I didn’t pick up on anything. As we arrived at the winery, we walked to an area in the back and I noticed Tomer walking toward me in a blue suit. The shock came over me & I was so confused!! He took me back to the pergola & got down on one knee & proposed to me! I am still in absolute shock at how he pulled it off and am the luckiest girl ever!!

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Special Thanks

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