Tomecca and Octavius

How Wet Met

Octavius and I met through mutual friends. In November 2010, one of my friends called me telling me that he had someone he wanted me to meet. Further exploration of his why, revealed that the mystery man was involved with someone. He was engaged to be married! I turned it down! My friend claimed they, meaning him and another friend, did not like this mystery man’s fiancé. They claimed she was not good for him. My response was “stay out of that man’s business”.
I went on to say that should the wedding not happen by some divine intervention then maybe just maybe I will entertain meeting this guy. Now, it was three months before this guy was supposed to get married. There was no way they would not go through with it that close to the date after spending all that money!
Fast-forward two months. I receive a text stating the wedding is off. Off!!!!!! Whaaaaaaattttttt in the world! What are you talking about!?!?!? They called the wedding off. The mystery man had been deployed to Afghanistan for one year and while he was away his fiancé cheated on him. Wow. I still wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to be someone’s rebound girl.
My friends rallied around this guy. I could tell that they really loved him and cared about him but it wasn’t enough for me to love him and care about him, at that time. It took some convincing to get me to budge. Eventually I had four friends rooting for this guy. So I caved. They gave him my number.
He called. We talked on the phone for hours. That did not mean anything at the time. It was just good conversation that grew into a friendship that lead to a relationship.

how they asked

Our first date was at Olive Garden in Florence. We shut the restaurant down. They cleaned up all around us and never interrupted to tell us it was time to go. This is the same place that he took me for the marriage proposal. We sat in the exact same booth that we shared on our first date.

Special Thanks

Blu Moose Photography