Tom and Summer

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How We Met

Summer and I met online through the Jeep community and ended up meeting at an event in 2017 in Florida. We became great friends over several years and were finally given the chance to try dating and it took off from there!

How They Asked

Backtrack 4 or so months before I popped the question. I knew I wanted to do it out in nature with a scenic backdrop since it’s more our style than say a restaurant or traditional-style engagement. I started to research hidden proposal photographers in Colorado. We were already planning a big family trip up there and I knew this was the best chance. I emailed several photographers and Joe and Robin Photography got back to me instantly and asked what I was looking for and any ideas I had. He sent over a few locations in the area I was requesting. After some research, I picked Twin Lakes, Colorado which is absolutely beautiful with incredible views. Joe gives you a full proposal plan with directions, maps, and tips. He tells you where to stand, which way to be facing, etc. I also added onto the package to get a couple of hidden Go-Pros and a hidden bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses.

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Fast forward to the day I asked. I had been telling her we would meet up with my friend Blake at some point and we decided to do dinner. Summer instantly was questioning it and I could tell she wasn’t buying it lol. We drove from Copper Mountain down to the Leadville area and we were a “little early to dinner,” so I said hey let’s go check out this beautiful scenery at this lake nearby and she just grinned like yeah right.

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We pull up to the spot and I jump out and look over and her eyes are already tearing up and I’m like what is your deal lets go check out this lake lol. She gets out and we walk over to the spot and start telling her why I fell in love with her and she is just bawling her eyes out making it hard to talk. Next thing you know I am down on a knee popping the question. I then popped the champagne and at that point, she started looking around and noticed the GoPros behind the little trees. And Joe was hidden up the hill in the trees using big lenses. Once the champagne started he started walking out of hiding getting more pictures and Summer finally noticed him and was very surprised that all this was planned for her. With his package, we got an hour of engagement pictures after and these are those! The incredible experience we will never forget.

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As for the ring I designed and had made, it is a 2.51ct oval cut diamond set on a solitaire yellow gold band. Summer had given me a few ideas to go off of and I just gave it my own touches. I worked with Greg at Bachendorfs Jeweler Cleafork in Fort Worth, TX. They got me several diamonds to pick from and got me several renders done of what the ring would look like before I gave the final ok! Most ring settings have two prongs on each side of the oval.

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For Summer’s ring, I did a new style setting called “NESW” where the prongs are set up more like a compass. Summer and I love to travel and explore and it seemed like a cool, rare touch to add to the ring. It has a hidden halo under the oval diamond that really gives it a nice touch. We did the setting in platinum so it would make the diamond appear brighter on top of the yellow gold band. To finish it off I had our saying, “It was always you,” engraved inside the band. It turned out absolutely beautiful and Summer gets compliments hourly on her ring.

Summer- I love you more than you will ever know!

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Special Thanks

Joe Harbison
 | Photographer