Tom and Lea

Image 2 of Tom and Lea

How we met: Tom and I met at a popular happy hour spot on a spring day 2012 when our mutual friend invited us both out. We spoke, but due to other circumstances we didn’t take it beyond the conversation. We met again, almost a year later 2013 when the same friend invited us both to yet another happy hour. We remembered each other and thought a date would be best to see why we ran into each other again!

It was by far the best first date I had ever had. We talked all night, and moved from dinner to drinks and had the best time with each other.

how they asked: Two years later on the same day of our first date, Tom set reservations at Quality Meats where we had our first date. To ensure I would be all dressed and ready, he told me dinner was at 8. As I thought we were getting ready to leave for dinner, he told me these were the best two years of his life and he proposed! After I screeched of excitement and lost my balance! He put the most stunning ring on my hand. I needed to sit down soon after from all the excitement! He then said dinner wasn’t for another hour and he had Veuve to celebrate in the fridge!

Image 1 of Tom and Lea

The ring was perfect, and I always wanted it to be at home and just us two. For never shopping together he picked better than I could’ve dreamed of for a ring. We are so happy and so ready to spend the rest of our lives together!

Photos by Lea K @lkreimes