Toby and Jane

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How We Met

We first met online on Bumble in 2018, and had been chatting on and off vaguely for a couple of months but had never met. We tried to organise a date but never happened. Then one day I saw a story of him working on the railway right outside my house then we started chatting about a date as he was in my area for work that week. We had our first date and it was so amazing. I texted him a week after that since my friend pulled out of our holiday to Bali and was going to see if he would be interested in joining. Anxious to see what his reply would be, he actually said yes! What made this scary was that he booked flights to meet me there and we were both unsure whether the other would actually pull through. I was in Bali and he met me there a few days in and told all the locals we had been married for 10 years. It was something special for our second date overseas and we just got along so well like we had known each other for years.After Bali, we still were unsure where we stood but I told him I’m booking a 2 month trip to Europe for the following year and he decided to do the same. Then the rest is history.

How They Asked

He told me we had his work friend’s engagement party and his friend has a place in Kirribilli we could stay at. I was happy for him to organise it since I organised my friend’s wedding in Melbourne the week prior. When we arrived, he told me we couldn’t go in just yet because the cleaners are still there. He was telling me to put my jewelry & shoes on and not to bring our overnight bags and I’m questioning him why. Anyways I just went along and once I opened the door, I was blown away. There was a huge light-up marry me to sign and roses set up overlooking the opera house. I was feeling so overwhelmed that this was actually happening.

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There was a photographer and videographer that captured all the special moments. He read me the most beautiful speech and we were both shaking. I still thought we had an engagement to go to and questioned if it was still his friend Airbnb because he got me to buy an engagement card for them and put in money for their wishing well. It was honestly a dream come true. He organised a private water taxi to pick us up and take us to Barangaroo for a delicious dinner at the Crown. I couldn’t have even imagined a proposal like this and feel so blessed to spend my life with him. Thanks again to Michael Arthur diamonds for my beautiful ring, My Proposal Co for the dream setup and Studio Barakat for capturing the moments of a lifetime.

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