Tobi and Nate

How We Met: Nate and I met way back in the 6th grade (the awkward childhood years). We went to the same middle school and lived in the same neighborhood and right down the street. I noticed a change in Nate as he was interested in becoming friends with me in 7th grade. At first I wasn’t sure about it since it was all of a sudden, but I gave our friendship a chance.

We started dating in 8th grade, but became serious in high school. We graduated from Easton Area High School together and Nate came along with me to college. We both graduated from Kutztown University.

Image 1 of Tobi and Nate

Of course every relationship has its ups and downs, however Nate always reassured me that somehow someway if we ever took different paths, we would always come back no matter what and be together in the end. He told me that I would one day be his wife and mother to his children. Hearing those words come out of a high school guy’s mouth are unlikely believable, but I always had faith.

Growing up together we would discuss our future and desires at times, but not often. We said well maybe when we have settled after graduation and our careers we would eventually move out and get our own place. But December 19 sure changed everything, and boy I didn’t see it coming!

Nate told my best friend Natalie in October that he was going to propose to me on December 19. Our anniversary falls on January 19. She of course couldn’t say a word, and she was our only friend that knew about it. He went to my parents and asked for permission as they requested.

Image 3 of Tobi and Nate
how they asked: So December 19 comes around and I’m excited to leave work because Nate is taking me to Rockefeller Center because he won tickets to go ice skating from a sales contest at his job. It’s a beautiful day and we get there late. He said the ticket time was for 430, it was 430.. so naturally I am a little annoyed (but I’m in my favorite city so no cares).

Nate asked me if he should wear his bright obnoxious orange gloves or the off-white ones. I picked off-white, he picked orange. So we are on the way to the city from Jersey City. We finally get into the city, and Nate wants to stop at the food truck *sighs*. It is now 6, and we finally are in line to go ice skating, and the tree looks gorgeous. Our time slot was for 630. We get on the ice and the view of everything surrounding us was just beautiful and with the holiday spirit as well. There had happened to be two couples that got engaged and I just wanted to watch them! Nate kind of just shrugged and suggested we would wait to say congratulations after.

So we are skating and oblivious me is talking to Nate and he’s telling me how much I love New York and what not, and then goes ‘you know why we’re here right?… you know I didn’t win those tickets through work..’ My heart DROPS to the floor. He stops me and I’m so confused I’m freaking out. Tons of people are crowding around and not to mention people up top surrounding the rink to get that one picture of the tree. And right then, Nate got down on his knee, and proposed. I happily accepted!

Image 2 of Tobi and Nate

Nate points up to the crowd at the top and goes ‘who is that? look up there’. I look up and both of our parents are standing waving capturing this beautiful moment. I’m completely completely in shock. I can’t believe that this all just happened to me. My long time boyfriend proposed to me in my favorite city ever, with a total surprise and with our parents there. It was truly a fairytale. A moment that we will treasure forever.