Tobi and Olagoke

How We Met

Ola and I met on October 1st of 2016. This is a significant date because it was Nigerian’s independence day and we are both Nigerians. We both don’t go out or like to be at any events with huge crowds. Ironically we were both at the same party celebrating Nigeria’s independence day. I was ready to leave the party and he was just coming. My friend and I were outside getting ready to leave. I had my shoes off because I was tired from the night and I DO NOT LIKE WEARING HEELS! The fact I had my shoes off was clearly to his advantage, He used that opportunity to ask if I was okay and continued to talk to me and my friend. In all honesty, I wasn’t interested in the conversation but it seemed like him and my friend was getting along and enjoyed talking to each other.

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He later asked me for my number and I hesitated till my friend encouraged me to do so. Funny enough he put my number in his friend’s phone since his phone had died. His friend refused to give him my number till Monday. (We met on a Saturday) When we started texting, the conversation was very easy and simple. He asked me on a date for the following Saturday to a very fancy restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant I found out he didn’t make a reservation. He didn’t think he had to and the restaurant was booked! I knew he didn’t have experience with this kind of thing! :) It honestly didn’t bother me and we left I ordered noodles and company and he got some Chipotle and we had such a great time with our simple dinner. Ever since then our relationship has been nothing but adventures and learning about each other day by day.

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how they asked

A good friend of mine had told me about a month ago that her work is hosting a “treasure hunt” and she asked if I could join her, she stated that after the hunt there would be a cocktail party and we need to bring a change of clothes. I thought it sounded fun and agreed to do the hunt with her. She had received the first of the “instructions” in the mail and it said we had to start at a lake in Minnesota called lake Bde Maka Ska. The first of the instructions gave us various clues to find the hidden treasure, which led us to a second location and gave us more clues to find the treasure.

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The second location led us to the last and final location, once we found the last of the treasure, the instructions told us to change into our cocktail attire then find the man wearing a University of Minnesota Hat, and that man will be holding the last treasure. Once I walked down the stairs of Minnehaha falls (the last location) and saw the man in the hat, I knew what was going on!

Ola stepped up to me and gave this incredible speech about how much I meant to him and then got down on one knee. Once he got down on one knee I lost all my emotions and started crying! As soon as I said YES then my family and his family rushed down to greet us and once I saw my brother who came all the way from Texas I lost it and cried even harder! It was the happiest day of my life!!