TK and Farrel

How We Met

Farrel and TK met in high school in the 90’s at Miami Southridge Senior High. TK was Farrel’s high school crush. Even though the two never dated in high school, they ran into each other 24 years later at an event and went on a date that night and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

There was no proposal! Farrel surprised TK by taking her to the Court House to apply for the Marriage License and they had a small wedding ceremony the next day with their children and close family members. Farrel’s favorite number is seven (7) and he knew that he wanted to marry TK on 7/7/17. He said 7 is his favorite number, which also means completion. TK agreed to marry him, but under one condition…if she could still have a big wedding! So, the couple will renew their vows on their 1 year anniversary on 7/7/18 in Coral Gables.