Tj and Katie

Tj's Proposal in His parents house

How We Met

But, ironically TJ and I both went to a huge rivalry school (Depew/Lancaster) we met at a house party years ago. Always thought he was cute but didn’t think anything of it. I met him couple years later in 2014 at Bottoms up in good ol’ DT Buffalo. He asked for my number I gave it to him. Asked if we could hang out one day I apparently blew him off and told him I had to babysit ? He didn’t text me because I was supposedly dating someone. I always thought he was cute but I never would have thought to go for him because of his height (shallow I know) but when you’re young you want your “Mr perfect” to be a specific height of 5’10. LOL. December 2017 rolls around and I got asked to go to this wedding with his cousin I’ve grown up with. Contemplated ongoing but did it anyway. I run into him AGAIN because he’s cousins with the guy I went with. I found HIM so attractive only this time he was still with his girlfriend. (But I was totally wrong) rolls reversed I guess. Went to the wedding and he asked me to slow dance with him- shocked and nervous but took his hand and danced with him the night away. Then the rest was history.

How They Asked

Asked me to be his girlfriend on my birthday and 3 short months later got pregnant and on the 4th of July of revealing our BOY got down on one knee and asked me to be his WIFE?

Where to Propose in His parents house