Tj and Erin

Where to Propose in Grand Teton National Park

How We Met

We met as perfect strangers.. I was running my fencing company and had been contracted to build her sister’s neighbor’s fence. She had just moved to Montana and was staying with her sister and her husband while going to coding school until she found the right house to purchase. I brought my then puppy to work every day.. he kept going in their yard to play with their nearly same-aged pup. We eventually talked, and the project was wrapping up, so I asked for her number. Took her on a date to the nicest steakhouse in our county and the rest is history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Grand Teton National Park

How They Asked

I had asked her dad for her hand in marriage in early April, with an undetermined date as to “when”. Sometime in late April, maybe early May she had suggested we do another camping trip in the Grand Teton National Park like last year. Since we live in Montana a mountain proposal was eminent. We had just purchased a canoe for exploring our local lakes and rivers, and this would prove to be a key part of the proposal.

We left for the Tetons later than anticipated Friday after work. As luck would have it, camp-sites you could reserve last year, were no longer able to be reserved! So we headed down there late on a Friday before the 4th of July with no site reserved. We checked our spot from last-year.. full. We headed northwest on a random dirt road, just to find they were all full as well. But we did see a large bull moose grazing alone in a willow patch. We were the only ones to witness this moose, which is a big deal in a national park.

After the stress of finding a ring the proposal seemed like it would be the easy part, living in Montana i just wanted mountians, and my dog to be a part of it (since he’s the reason we met) we drove down to the teton national park on that friday with no reservations on the fourth of July weekend. We didn’t find a site until midnight! We spent Saturday canoeing around Jackson lake. She was enjoying the view, I was searching for the perfect spot. Which was harder than it seemed it would be on Google earth. After paddling for 5 hours we finally found a nice cove and had some drinks. I told her earlier we should hit the lodge for a nice breakfast before heading home. Sunday after we loaded up, we put on some nicer clothes (I think she was suspicious at this point) and paddled to the cove from the night before. I gave her a memory book to distract her and set up a phone on a tripod on down tree. The end of the book had a dog tag with both of our numbers on it with a message that said turn around for chapter 2. She quickly said yes! We had some drinks and headed back to the lodge for a nice breakfast!