TJ and Amanda

How We Met

We met each other in June of 2010 opening a restaurant in Milwaukee called Harbor House. Amanda was currently in a long-term relationship for the first few years of us working there. We became great friends, created nicknames for each other and enjoyed working together as servers. I knew Amanda was someone special right away and patiently waited for her. Amanda eventually broke up with her now ex-boyfriend in 2012 and we started dating shortly after. Our first date was at a wine bar downtown called Balzac and we hit it off. We dated for a couple years before I asked for her hand in marriage on May 31, 2015. She said Yes!

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how they asked


I planned the proposal for months. I had a photographer friend do a walk through at the park with me and explained to him how I wanted to capture the surprise. The park is special to us because it is a place that we visted together almost weekly on our days off for running and/or walking our Goldendoodle, Vince. The night before the proposal I remember being very anxious, praying that the rain would hold off. The day of the proposal was gorgeous. We took our dog for a “walk” before going to her grandparents house for a cookout. During the walk I nervously carried a backpack containing the engagement ring and a homemade sign that I was going to put on our dog that read “Will you marry my Dad?” We walked around the trails for about 20 minutes before heading to the top of the tower. I had Amanda go to the corner of the tower, face away, and told her I was going to take a picture of her. As she looked away I put the sign on Vince, got one knee with the ring and asked her to turn around. She was completely shocked and we were both so over-filled with joy. As I put on the ring I was shaking with so much excitement I almost dropped it. She helped guide the ring on her finger and we have been happily engaged ever since. Our wedding is now set for September 30 of this year and we can’t wait

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