Tension Set Rings: What They Are & Why We Love Them


In 2014, you’re going to see a lot of non-traditional engagement rings – from colored diamonds to antique rings, mixed metals, stacked rings and more. Another one of these trends is tension set engagement rings.

Tension settings use pressure rather than prongs to hold gemstones in place. It is one of the most secure engagement ring settings as the whole ring works to hold the diamond (or any other gemstone) in place.

Since the stone is suspended, it is also exposed to more light ….being exposed to more light means more SPARKLE! On top of the added shine, the rings are also very modern and often made out of titanium.

Titanium is a less traditional metal (like gold and silver) that’s become increasingly popular for its extreme shine and strength. Here’s a mix of gorgeous tension settings and titanium rings from the masters of all things tension and titanium: TitaniumRings.com.

Titanium Engagement Rings

Titanium Engagement Rings

Another reason to love titanium is because it’s less expensive than other metals like gold and platinum. It also makes for a timeless wedding band for men as it exudes a strong, steel-like feel.

TitaniumRings.com has tons of classic wedding band designs and some with a modern touch. Here are a few in particular we like for men:

Titanium_Wedding_Bands_For_Menleft: Equinox
middle: Facia
right: Samurai

So what do you think of using a tension setting or titanium for your engagement and wedding rings? Tell us in the comments!