Tino and Aileen

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington State

Aileen and Tino were already friends of the photographer, Kelly Lemon, when Tino asked for her help planning a proposal. Kelly suggested that they fake a styled shoot, using the two of them as models, so that Aileen would have the chance to get all dressed up and feel beautiful! To pull it off, it needed to be believable so this is where the rest of us came in. Kelly asked for our help in staging an epic “styled shoot” at the top of Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington.

After hair and makeup was complete, the team lugged a dress, a suit, a bouquet, camera/video equipment, decor, champagne and a CAKE up a 2 miles of steep trail. Aileen & Tino got changed at the top of the trail and were absolute troopers because it was FREEZING that day. Aileen rocked a stunning forest green dress, without sleeves and with no complaints. After all, she thought she was doing us a favor. She kept talking about how she didn’t want to mess the shoot up for us. Ha!

The plan was to begin shooting and then Kelly would direct them both to pose facing away from each other but Tino would really get down on one knee behind her. All went according to plan and she said yes!!–Tino grabbed her hand to turn her around but even though he was down on one knee, she didn’t process what was going on. You can tell from photos that she was still trying to pose. At one point she had to ask, “Is this real?!”

Aileen and Tino celebrated with a small mountain top picnic, complete with champagne & cake! They were married with a small group of friend and family in Hawaii last week!! We are so happy for them!

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Proposal Ideas Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington State

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